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Household items such as couches, chairs, and love seats all have fabrics which can absorb dirt when it’s not properly cleaned. We all have hectic lives which makes it impossible to always maintain thoroughly cleaned fabrics all the time. There are a lot of reasons why your upholstery will decline in quality over time. These things include: food crumbs, pollen, dust, germs, and dirt can affect the overall quality of your upholstery over time. The best way to deal with issues such as these you need to contact a professional upholstery cleaning service provider.


We offer a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied
we will re-clean at no cost.

Upholstery Cleaning Experts, Washington, IL

At Just Right Carpet Cleaning Washington IL we use industry leading upholstery cleaning technology which ensures that our customers’ needs are satisfied. Odors are caused by bacteria which settles into the fibers of your upholstery material. To get rid of these odors we use specialized solutions & cleaning applications that remove odor-causing bacteria at their core.

Our technicians are trained to specially treat a wide range of upholstery materials which makes it easy for our customers to get the help that they need. At Just Right Carpet Cleaning Washington IL we have been providing high-quality upholstery cleaning service for years. We work with all types of materials and fabrics applying industry-leading cleaning techniques that last for a long time.

If you’re located in Washington, IL & need upholstery cleaning assistance contact us today. We offer competitive pricing options on a variety of different upholstery cleaning applications. This ensures that our customers are always protected no matter the circumstances.

Upholstery finishes add character to your home which is why maintaining their quality is paramount. Stop wasting time using products that don’t work and staring at year-old stains, contact Just Right Carpet Cleaning Washington IL today to get the help you need.

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