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For years now service providers have used standard pressure washing techniques to clean homes. Pressure washing is an effective way to remove dirt & debris from the exterior of your home however extremely high amounts of pressure can often cause damage to your home’s exterior finish. Thanks to science a new way to clean your home’s exterior is now available. This new cleaning procedure is known as soft washing.

The reasons to use Soft Washing is:

  1. Alternative to pressure washing
    Power washing creates corrosion and the materials starts to wear away because it may have been loosened by decay or aging. some jobs are able to do it and others can’t.
  2. It actually treats the infestation
    If Your house is dirty it could also be infected. Normal power washing does not solve the problem of infestation but it only cleans out the outer layer of the biomass, leaving your surface susceptible again not long after power washing is completed.
  3. No damage from pressure
    Amateur or unskilled pressure washers can damage your roof or other surfaces,  exceptionally if it’s older to begin with.


We offer a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied
we will re-clean at no cost.

House Washing Professionals

Developed by a well-renowned mobile pressure washing technician who has been in the industry for years, soft washing uses horticulture & plant sciences to provide the ultimate home cleaning solution. At Just Right Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing Washington IL we offer high-quality soft washing techniques that work on any exterior home surface.

This process was developed to be effective in a variety of different environments so applications tend to last for a long time. Allowing dirt & bacteria such as mold to sit on the exterior of your home can lead to potential health issues over time. Keep your family safe & protected by performing a soft wash technique on a regular schedule.

This will ensure that your home is free of any disease-causing bacteria or other issues that can affect the living conditions of your property. We provide industry-leading services to allow home owners who are serious about maintaining a quality home.

If you live in Washington, IL & are interested in soft washing techniques for your home, contact us today to get an estimate. Our customer support team will be able to help you learn everything you need to know.

All our field-technicians are thoroughly trained to ensure that each unique situation is handled with professionalism. Don’t waste any more time & contact Just Right Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing Washington IL today!

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